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Complications Of Your Psoriasis

Complications Of Your Psoriasis,PsoriasisIf you have psoriasis for long time, you should pay attention to get some complications and try to avoid the side effects of certain treatments and medication. There are some of the complications of psoriasis you should know about to know about it and do enough attention.

There is a kind of psoriasis called psoriatic arthritis, which can cause joint damage and a loss of function of some joints and show deformation.

The eye problems, such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis and uveitis which are more common in patients with psoriasis.

When patients get severe psoriasis, they are more likely to be obese. The inflammation linked to the obesity can play a role in the development of psoriasis. Psoriasis patients are more likely to be obese, possibly because they're less active for their psoriasis disease. The psoriasis patients usually with a low immune system. So if the condition is not that severe like the psoriatic arthritis, the patients can do some mild sports, like jogging and swimming.

Psoriasis patients with a risk of type 2 diabetes and it is upped in people with psoriasis. The more severe the psoriasis, the greater the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The odds of getting high blood pressure are higher for psoriasis patients.

For people with psoriasis, the heart attack risk is almost 3 times greater than for the people without psoriasis. Irregular heartbeats and stroke are also higher for psoriasis patients. This could be caused by excess inflammation or an increased risk of obesity.

Psoriasis patients with a higher chance to get metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of disorders like high blood pressure, elevated insulin level and abnormal cholesterol level which increases your risk of heart disease.

Celiac disease, sclerosis and the inflammatory bowel disease, parkinson's disease, kidney disease are possible for psoriasis patients.

What’s more, the patients usually with a low self-esteem, depression, social isolation and problems at work and so on.

The complications are severe, and the conditions are severe for the elderly psoriasis patients, so we hope you can pay enough attention to them. To have a health life style is significant and once the condition get severe, you should have a normal treatments. And the treatments should based on your own condition. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor or send us email to, hoping we can help you.


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