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The Attack Areas And Cause Of Erythrodermic Psoriasis

The Attack Areas And Cause Of Erythrodermic Psoriasis,PsoriasisDifferent types of psoriasis attack different areas of patients body. Erythrodermic psoriasis shows a whole body flushing skin rapidly with diffuse infiltration, the surface of skin has a number of bran-like scales. So the attack usually is the whole body. Besides of the whole body skin condition, the nails and mouse can also get influence.

The symptoms are whole body, the skin can’t have the normal function as before for the condition. And they are afraid of chill, but with fever and joints pains and headache.

The great loss of scales cause the much water and protein loss. It is a chronic condition and easy to reoccur, and without a professional treatment, there will be more complications.

The skin is dry, itching and sensitive, but you need avoid scratching too much and often to prevent infection. And we advice the patients take daily bath to ease the dry skin. The bath is better than shower and the water should not be too hot, which may stimulate the skin to get worse. You can pat gently, and you can use some hormone-free ointment.

The skin should keep moist. Some patients use tar bath for their condition, and the effects are good. Some the others use lemon juice and other home remedy. The home remedy show good effects for some of the patients, but you should know the erythrodermic psoriasis is the severe type of psoriasis. The simple treatment can’t treat the disease from the cause and which can delay the time to get a professional treatments.

The patient get the disease can be caused by immune system disorder, injury, infection and gene. So we can make some changes from the causes, and we need get treatments from the cause, or the effects are short time effect.

Your can do some mild sports to increase your immune capability to fight with the psoriasis disease. And if we can adjust our body and immune system, the treatments effects are more obvious, so you can have sports like swimming, jogging and climb the mountains.

The attitude towards to life and psoriasis is important. And if you want to know about your own condition and the good treatment in China, you can consult our online doctor. You can also send your problem to for a professional solution and hope we can help you.


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