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Symptoms And Harms Of Psoriasis Arthritis

Symptoms And Harms Of Psoriasis Arthritis,PsoriasisThe psoriatic psoriasis patients with the symptoms of the psoriasis symptoms, in the same time, they also suffer from the joints problem. And this type usually have a family history of the patients.

In general cases, the longer history of joints symptoms of psoriasis, the more recurrent risk, the risk is more bigger to cause joint damage. Psoriasis early onset stage, the patients with less joint symptoms. X-ray examination can see cartilage loss, articular surface erosion, joint space narrowing, soft tissue swelling, osteoporosis, bone dissolving or accompanied by joint stiff. We should distinguish the disease with rheumatoid arthritis. The psoriatic arthritis is usually accompanied by couple years of history of psoriasis, joint damage usually are the small joints. And it is often asymmetric, the blood rheumatoid factor is negative with nail damage sometimes.

Psoriasis patients with psoriatic arthritis normally with affected joints may be with swelling condition severe pain, and the skin near joints often swelling, then the joint activities gradually are restricted. After a long period of time, the joint stiffness can affect joint function.

In addition to psoriasis joints damage, the patients may also occur with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, the joint symptoms often simultaneously increasing or reducing with skin symptoms.

The harms for patients is severe, in the morning, they may have the morning stiff. And the pain and swelling joints let the patients even can’t move. And some patients have the deformation of the joints, the nails problems and so on.

In the very severe condition, the patients can use the injection and even need surgery to treat the joints problem.

But the surgery is not the best treatments. If we can don’t treat the problem with surgery, there will be some other treatment for your psoriasis. In China, there is a kind of treatment called TCM, it is a safe and chronic treatment for psoriatic arthritis patients.

All psoriasis symtoms show on skin or the deformation of joints, but we have stuied the psoriasis for years. The real cause is not on the skin, but normally we only treat the skin symptoms, but the cause is in blood, so it is the risk that the disease will occur later.

We really need do is to remove the blood toxin, and with a effective detox treatment, 3 days will show obvious effect. If you still have any problem you can send to, so we can know about your condition then give you the good advice.


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