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The TCM For Psoriasis Symptoms From China

The TCM For Psoriasis Symptoms From China,PsoriasisPsoriasis is skin problem usually with a strong sense of itching and scales condition. There are normally 3 stages, the acute stage is severe. And normally the patients to get the treatments when the symptoms are obvious and they can’t live with it any more.

The skin is itching with rashes or patches covered with silvery scales. We should ease the itchy symptoms. And the skin is sensitive and dry. In China, there is a kind of treatment called five elements bath therapy. The herb medicine can be boiled as soups which mix with bath water. The bath water is hot and with stem, which is contain the herb medicine in the bath. So you can avoid the oral medicine. The bath can provide the same effect and the medicine is absorbed by the skin.

This therapy is simple and easy to take, but it has been applied for long history.

The traditional Chinese medicine is TCM, the medicine is different from the pills. The oral medicine is the herb medicine, which is a kind of medical soup boiled from the different here medical plants. So this kind of the medicine, you should drink.

One kind of medicine is made from different medical plants and it is not to treat you skin and function on your skin, but it is to adjust the immune system and detox the blood to remove the inflammatory factors in your body. The herb medicine is a chronic medicine and it takes a period of time to show the effect and the effects will last long time.

The Chinese treatments can combine with the modern treatments. In Beijing Meidi Skin Disease Hospital, the doctors combined the TCM as well as the western treatments, the effects are obvious, but it is not the simple western medicinal add the herb medicine, it is the combined therapy to use the both advantages to treat the one patient’s psoriasis.

So the 360 degree removing toxin treatments to treat psoriasis has a fast effect only need 3 days can show the obvious effect. And the disease is easy to reoccur, so we use the Chinese medicine and therapy to prevent the blood toxin and occurrence of psoriasis. The new combined therapy is not to treat the skin, but to remove the blood toxin. So the effects can last long time. Some patients pay attention to the diets, so they live as normal without recurrence for years. The treatments effects are pretty good. So if you want a further knowledge, you can send to, or you can just talk with our online doctor to ask for help.


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