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The Symptoms And Harms Of Pustular Psoriasis

Pustular psoriasis is a severe psoriasis, many pustular psoriasis cases are caused by the improper treatments. Although it is exceptionally rare, but it is relatively severe than the psoriasis vulgaris, so it is more difficult to treat. In early stage, it shows the symptoms of acute inflammatory erythema, surface with many dense little miliary size yellow-white, light sterile small pustules, which can expanded form a pus-paste shape. The symptom disappear, then the new time of the same symptoms will occur in the same areas. Such condition can last for couple months.

Every area of your body can occur rash, but the fold and limbs flexor side are more common.

The pustular psoriasis patients may have the symptom of hair loss. Pustular psoriasis don’t get effective treatment for long-term or improper treatment all can lead to the phenomenon of hair loss. Such condition let the patients be painful.

Pustular psoriasis can also cause influence on the appearance.The occur of psoriasis symptoms will occur red rashes and great scales.

The psychological hurt, people are very concern the beauty, especially young people. If the young people get the disease, they are very concerned about their appearance. Such condition can greatly influence the patient's normal life and work It had bad impact, some of the patients even need to find a professional psychiatrist for counseling.

The internal organ damage. Your liver and other organs can get damage. Pustular psoriasis can cause serious damage to your internal organs. some severe cases of pustular psoriasis can also cause electrolyte imbalance and heart and lung failure.

As a severe type of psoriasis, if should take care for the drugs, which can also cause the disease. Before you get psoriasis, you may used some improper medicine, or you just have the normal type of psoriasis, but you used some cream or hormone medicine for a temporary effect. But the irritation of the cream and medicine let the disease get worse than before.

The disease also with the repeated episode feature, and you suffer a lots from it. But it won’t infect the others. It has many causes, gene is one of them. So if there is a history of skin disease, you should have tests before your prepare to have a baby and let your disease get controlled.

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