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The Symptoms Of Joint Psoriasis

The Symptoms Of Joint PsoriasisPsoriasis is a chronic skin disease with complex etiology, the treatment must be selected on the method, the key is political treatment. There are many kinds of clinical symptoms of psoriasis, patients should choose the professional psoriasis hospital, according to the different symptoms of psoriasis, the treatment should also be different. Here are the detailed introduction about psoriasis from specialist hospital experts.

The performance will be different according to the different Psoriasis symptoms. There will be different nursing methods. So what are the symptoms of joint psoriasis ? This is the patients in the treatment process should pay attention to the problem, psoriasis has been plagued by many patients.

Joint psoriasis is more sensitive to the temperature, in the cold winter, warmth is the key to prevent psoriasis joint pain. Patients with joint psoriasis should avoid the cold and wet joints, it can be used to protect the joints with sheath. At the same time, the joint psoriasis diet should pay attention to the amount of reduced protein intake, because too much protein will lead to the loss of calcium in the body. Joint psoriasis patients to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins is to meet the nutritional needs of patients with psoriasis.

So, what are the exactly symptoms of the joint psoriasis ?Patient on all joints are involved, including: elbow and knee joints, fingers small joints, joints of the spine and sacroiliac joints. Joint swelling, pain, activity limitation, and deformity may also occur, which is similar to the performance of rheumatoid arthritis. And bone may have destructive changes, then made mutilation or deformity, it is known as the destroy form of arthritis psoriasis, severe psoriatic arthritis patients often have persistent high fever, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), but often negative. The rash may also occur thick blister type psoriasis change. The X-ray showed that the changes of the joint in some patients were basically the same as that of the patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Bone can be partial decalcification, joint cavity stenosis, different degree of joint erosion and soft tissue swelling. There are also many map type psoriasis symptoms.

Psoriasis patients must pay special attention to the psoriasis treatment . Patients with psoriasis should pay attention to diet, not overeating, and we should pay attention to some food taboos. For obese patients should control diet, a reasonable weight loss, to reduce the burden on the joint. To increase the high calcium food supplement, such as milk, soy products, etc., in order to guarantee the body's normal metabolism of bone needs.


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