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Which Stage of Age is Inclined to Get Psoriasis

Psoriasis,Which Stage of Age is Inclined to Get PsoriasisPsoriasis can occur in all stages of age , no matter a new birth baby or the old who all have the chance to get this disease. In the clinic work, there a baby psoriasis patient who just given birth one month ago. There is also a old psoriasis patient who gets this disease until his 74 years old.

However, which stage of age is the most inclined age to get psoriasis? Researches show a feature that in the middle of age with the most high incidence of psoriasis, the much lower in both sides. Actually, the children and the elderly have a relatively low incidence of psoriasis. The main patients are the middle-aged people whose age between 20-30 years old which nearly account for 50% of the total cases. The foreign medical scholar made a research of 5600 cases which showed the average age of incidence is 27.8, and in China it’s 26.5 years old in the research include 1246 patients cases. In daily clinic, we found that psoriasis usually occur before 30 years old, and the disease situation is much heaver than the patients who get the disease after 30 years old, what’s more ,their disease generally with a characteristic of family disease history. The patients who get the disease after 30 years old who usually suffered a big mind influence or trouble, such as the loss of his husband or wife, a loss of job and so on. With a big strike in mind ,the psoriasis also on the way.

The feature of incline to violate young people is also a important reason why it has bigger harms. The lesions throughout patients body which has a big influence for the young people who are in the stage to make friends actively and communicate with the outside world. The harm ,especially the emotion harm shouldn’t be ignored. Providing psychotherapy is a also an important aspect of clinic treatment.

The external symptoms are similar for every psoriasis patient, actually there are many kinds and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor.


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