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The Attack Parts Of Psoriasis

The Attack Parts Of Psoriasis,PsoriasisBased on the different attack parts, there are different types of psoriasis. In normal cases, there are the skin symptoms. But it can also attack any parts of the patients. Now we talk about the some parts it can be triggered.


This type of psoriasis is also called psoriatic arthritis, which can influence any joint. The painful and swollen joints are typical of arthritis. This disease can cause stiffness and and joint damage. And the severe cases may cause permanent deformity.


When the disease attack the nails, the fingernails and toenails can be influenced. There can show the discoloration symptoms, even pitting and abnormal nails growth. More worse condition, the nails may loose and separate from the nail bed or nail to crumble.


Scalp psoriasis can cause the hair lose and once the condition improved and controlled, the hair can grow back. The red and itchy areas covered with silvery scales. The areas often extend beyond the hairline. The plaque symptoms may also occur on your scalp.

There are three type of psoriasis. And the attack parts are special, which can cause great influence on the patients from the appearance aspect.

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