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The Stages of Usual Type Psoriasis

Stages of Usual Type Psoriasis,PsoriasisAccording to the disease process, the disease can be divided into three stages: the active stage, the still stage, and the recession stage. These three stages can circulate to increase the disease condition or repeat occur.

 The active stage is the acute stage in which the new rashes appear continually and the previous rashes grow big, the scale of skin lesion is thick and more and easy desquamation. The rash inflammation is obvious, color is fresh red. Here are flushing around the lesions, and the felling of itching is also obviously. The sensitivity of this stage is high, so most of the patients may appear psoriasis lesions after trauma. The time of active stage is different with different people with bid distinction, parts of the patients can reach the still stage without treatments.

The still stage is a stable stage in which he disease condition keep stable, nearly no new rashes appear, but the previous rashes neither no obvious disappearing symptom. If without treatments, many patients can stay in this stage for a long time.

The recession stage refers the degrading stage of the disease. In this time ,the skin inflammation improved obviously, the skin lesions became thin and flat, the color from fresh red turn dim. The skin lesions on upper limbs and the trunk are easy to remove, the parts of lower limbs and the head are relatively stubborn. When the lesions removed completely, there will leave some spots.

The active stage, still stage, and recession stage present a circle feature throughout the whole life patients which may also have a coincide symptom of some parts of the body. For example, firstly the rashes occur in the upper limbs of some patients, then they convert to the other parts, the previous parts have stopped development which showed that the whole body is not a integrate state. Parts of the skin can show a distinction.

The external symptoms are similar for every psoriasis patient, actually there are many kinds and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor.


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