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What Is The Diaper Psoriasis

What Is The Diaper PsoriasisAs we all known that, when it comes to the types of the psoriasis, there are various types.But there is one type psoriasis called diaper pasoriasis, it also named as baby psoriasis, it is a special psoriasis which occurs mostly on the 8month babies,but mostly occurs among 2 month babies . The rash of the diaper psoriasis represents as clear boundary,reddish color or dark red plague with uncertain size and shape.the afftectd skin area can transmit through other normal skins. The rashes offen locates in hips,belly area which easy to touch the diaper. With the gradually spreading , it can covers the limps and even face as well.

As far as the psoriasis concerns,there are some genetic factors which casue the diaper psoriasis among babies.There are some relative medical research datas showed that the reason why the new born baby have the diaper psoriasis is that there are some direct relatives which also have the psoriasis history. In addition. Because of long time using diapers, the urine and some ammonia substances stimulate some speical skina and cause the allergy.It can also increase the occurs rate of the diaper psoriasis.

The diaper psoriasis have a better curative effect after a properly treatment, it usually takes few weeks to get recover, and there isn’t keep any pigmentation phenomenon. But the baby’s skin are usually soft and thin, so the parents still need to pay attention on the skin care, and change the diaper regularly.

In addition, when thethe diaper psoriasis baby gets matured, there are still under risk of diaper psoriasis. So the patients parent should pay attention on their baby.s skin change.


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