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What Is Plaque Psoriasis For Patients

Plaque Psoriasis,PsoriasisPlaque psoriasis is a relative rare type of psoriasis, which has different size of red or dark red plaques with clear boundary. When you touch them, there is a wet sense. The number of plaques are not fixed, and the plaques can blend, forming a map skin lesion. The surface of skin lesion are covered with less number of silvery scales, the condition of thin membrane and bleeding spots are rare. The rashes are common seen in the back of wrist, scalp, and feet and hands, the other parts can also be spread. The sense of itching is different, the patients who surfer from it for a long time may has a less feeling of itching.

Plaque psoriasis is a relative common type of usual type psoriasis, there are many patients show this kind of symptoms in many stable stage psoriasis cases. While there are a small part of patients show the plaque psoriasis symptoms on the early stage.

The condition of plaque psoriasis patients are relative stable, streptococcus hemolyticus, pressure and tried condition can lead the disease change and show a guttate psoriasis rashes. And there are some plaque psoriasis patients have the chance to develop into skin T lymphocyte tumour, while the cause need a further step study.

Plaque psoriasis generally has a long disease time and thick skin lesions, so the therapy effects are relative slow.

The external symptoms are similar for every patient, actually there are many kinds and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor or send us.


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