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Psoriasis On Scalp In Children

Psoriasis On Scalp In Children,PsoriasisThe psoriasis in children is commonly caused by infection and gene. Plaque psoriasis is the most common type psoriasis in children which attacks the elbows, knees and their lower back, while the scalp is frequently the most common part in children psoriasis onset.

Another common type psoriasis in children is guttate psoriasis, which can be caused by a throat infection and occurs small, scaly patches on the trunk, lambs sometimes the scalp.


Children get psoriasis can related to the gene factor, many cases in clinic, the children have a family medical history. So if the adult and their family has a psoriasis history, for the baby’s health, the parents can make a diagnosis early be for the disease really attack the children. Only the gene can not absolutely decide the onset of psoriasis, there must be some psoriasis triggers, such as skin injury, streptococcal sore throat and pressure.

The treatments for children should be planed for the individual kid. The therapy is quiet complex including oral medication and external medicine and UV therapy.

When the child wash their hair, the water degree should be controlled to 34-40. If the water is too hot,it may irritate the skin lesions. After they wash hair, let their hair to be dry naturally without any facility assistant.

The medicine for adults is not proper for the child of psoriasis sometimes, so in the medication process, our parents should pay enough attention.

The diets should be rich of protein, vitamin and low fat, a balance of nutrition can improve the condition of your child.

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