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Early Sign of Vitiligo

early sign of vitiligoVitiligo is a common skin disease easy to spread over over the body, it mainly because the early signs of vitiligo is not obvious, have no self conscious feelings like itching and hurting, it distribute in some parts of the body. So it is very easy to be ignored by many patients and delayed their vitiligo cause it expand, so we must pay attention to the early signs of vitiligo. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the early signs of vitiligo.

Early sign of vitiligo one:

the vitiligo patients on the early stage have some white spots on their skin with different shapes like irregular shape, oval, circular and so on with fingernail size, the boundary of vitiligo is clear, the surface of vitiligo is very smooth.

Early sign of vitiligo two:

The number of white patches on the vitiligo patient is relatively less, only one to two patches, with the disease spreading, the number of white patches will become more and more until it spread all over the body.

Early sign of vitiligo three:

Vitiligo will not have peeling or scab phenomenon, it will have no pain or itching feelings, only a few vitiligo patients after suffer from the strong sunlight have red, swelling, itching feelings.

Early sign of vitiligo four:

The vitiligo on the early stage often occur in the exposed areas such as face, legs, arms, mouth, lips and so on, the color of vitiligo on the early stage often milk white with the development of disease, the color of vitiligo began to become cloud white, porcelain white, pure white and so on. The types of vitiligo are many, generally speaking, the vitiligo symmetrically distribute in our body, only segmental vitiligo distribute along the nerves. No matter how it distribute, if the patient did not found it timely, the vitiligo might expand all over the body and finally formed into generalized vitiligo increase the treatment difficulty.

The vitiligo not only will influence the appearance of the patients, it might pass on to the next generation even will induce psoriasis, cataract and other diseases, if the disease developed into serious degree, the patient might have skin cancer and finally endanger their lives.the above parts are the relative introduction about early signs of vitiligo, the best policy of vitiligo treatment is earlier found, earlier treatment. Every vitiligo patients have individual difference, so the treatment also need to be different, wish these can help you.


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