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6 Types Of Vegetables To Remove Your Psoriasis Skin Lesions

6 Types Of Vegetables To Remove Your Psoriasis Skin Lesions,PsoriasisPsoriasis patient is recommended to take more fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruits include apple, pear, banana, orange and other fresh fruits. The proper vegetables for psoriasis patients we can give you 6 types too. The cabbage contains a number of carotene, vitamin C and so on. The features of cabbages are sweat, warm with antipyretic and sedative effects.

1.Carrot contains a great number of carotene, which can supplement the patient’s lack of vitamin A. Some of the psoriasis patients get psoriasis are caused by the lack or vitamin and trance elements. If you can supplement that the psoriasis symptoms will get improved greatly.

2.Radish is also good for your psoriasis, which contains carbohydrates, carotene, vitamin C calcium, phosphorus, and other ingredients. It is sweet, cool, so in traditional Chinese opinion it has the function with detoxification, digestion and so on.

3.Eggplant is a common vegetable for us, but do you know what function for your psoriasis. Eggplant contains calcium, phosphorus, protein, carbohydrates, carotene, vitamin C and so on. So with so much supplements, you can take it and you know it is good for your psoriasis. It is cool, non-toxic, and it has the effects of blood cooling and ease swelling condition and so on.

4.Taro can contain phosphorus, iron, protein, calcium and vitamins. The functions are detoxification, remove blood stasis and swelling symptom and inflammation.

5.Spinach contains protein, phosphorus, carotene, calcium, vitamin C and VitaminB1, Vitamin B2 and so on.

6.Potatoes is rich in starch, and it also contains protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, and vitamin C. It is sweet, cold, which is with detoxification, anti-inflammatory effects. But if it is with germination or potato color changed, it contains toxic element, which can not eat.

There are the common vegetables you can eat, and them benefit your skin lesions. But if your condition still get worse when you have eat that vegetables. Maybe you should also know that there are some of the prevention you should take care.

Beside the wine, smoking, coffee and strong tea, you should also pay attention to fish, seafood, lamb, peppers and other goods.

But the effects for psoriasis patients may different for different patients. Some of them take care from the diets, the condition get better, but some of them no changes at all.

In such condition, you can talk with your doctor. If you still have the problem about psoriasis, you can send to, and you can also talk with our online doctors about your condition to get help from us.


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