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Can Psoriasis Patients Eat Medlar

Can Psoriasis Patients Eat MedlarIn our daily life, there are more and more patients who is suffering from psoriasis, psoriasis care also gets more and more attention from the people. There is always a common question among them that is can psoriasis patients can medlar fruit, patients are not very clear about this problem, so the psoriasis experts has given the following information as a professional introduction of psoriasis.

As we all known that medlar is rich in nutrition, and also can be used as medicine. It is founded that every l00g of fresh medlar contains protein 4G, carbohydrate 19.3g, fat 0.8g, heat for 100 dry card. Chinese medlar contains 18 kinds of amino acids, 8 kinds of amino acids are essential amino acids for the human body. In addition, it also contains minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., but also contains a certain amount of organic germanium. It also contains enrich in Vitamin ,which including vitamin B1, B2, C, nicotinic acid and carotene. Chinese medlar nutritional value is very high, very suitable for psoriasis patients , so the experts strongly suggests that people with psoriasis should eat medlar fruit more and regularly, this is also a health care for psoriasis.

The taste of medlar is simple and tasteless, it is best medicine of supplying nutrition and anti-aging medicine, Chinese medicine believes that medlar can nourish liver and kidney, and nourishing the blood, improve patients immunity. Physical weakness, it is very good for those who have poor resistance , but patients must adhere to long-term intake, eat it daily, the results will comes out after couple of month .

In addition, when it comes to the benefits of medlar, it can lower cholesterol, exciting brain nerve, enhance immune function, prevention and cure cancer, anti-aging and beauty, it is very helpful and useful for the human health . Psoriasis patients who eat medlar daily can improve the ability of the skin to absorb oxygen, help patients to lock the skin's moisture, and maintain the moisture, whitening effect. Eating medlar fruit is one of the best methods of caring psoriasis.

Although medlar has a very good nourishing and treatment effect, but not all people are suitable of it. It has the effect of warming humans body , so its better for someone who has cold ,fever do not take medlar. For those patients who has the body has inflammation, diarrhea, psoriasis patients should also not to eat. Food therapy has many benefits for psoriasis patients, so patients should eat more food which is good for their psoriasis .It is also helpful to the psoriasis treatment.


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