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How Should Psoriasis Patients Take Their Dierts

Psoriasis Patients' Dierts,Psoriasis Many patients are confused on this problem of diet, for some doctor said beef, mutton, seafood, garlic and other foods are forbidden, some other doctors said that there is no note of diet, and the friends and family members may have different opinions. Who should patients listen to? In fact, this issue is a matter of opinion, and there is no standard answer applies to everyone, so patients should adjust according to their own condition.

The research shows that the content of arachidonic acid in beef and mutton meat was significantly higher than other meats, and the arachidonic acid through the metabolism in human body can generate leukotrienes and other inflammatory cytokines, which can promote the development of psoriasis. In clinic, there are some patients’ disease situation increased suddenly after eating beef and mutton meats. In this case, it is not suitable to eat beef and mutton for patients. But some other patients’ disease situations haven’t a obvious change even they eat eating beef and mutton for a long time, in this condition, patients can eat a mount of these meats, and they don’t need to have a strict diet. There are a lot of protein in seafood, but it should be forbidden or eat less for some patients may be allergic after eating the seafood which are not enough fresh in the process of the transport. But there are some essential fatty acids, vitamins and other substances in seafood which are of some benefits for psoriasis and cardiovascular system, if disease not worsen after eating them, the patients may also take a reasonable diet. Garlic, pepper and other things with a certain irritation, which may exacerbate the disease of some patients, so it should take a appropriate, small amount.

In one word, psoriasis patients’ diet should ensure a balanced diet with adequate nutrition to ensure intake of protein and vitamins and other nutrients. Eatting more vegetables, fruits, and tring to avoid spicy food, avoid references of coffee, tea and other beverages. Beef ,mutton, seafood, garlic and other foods do not have to strictly take, with a reasonable grasp according to changes of their condition. It is ok to eat a small amount according individual condition.

The external symptoms are similar for every psoriasis patient, actually there are many kinds and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor.


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