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Foods Not Good for Vitiligo Patients

what foods not good to vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a common skin disease, it is relatively stubborn, needs longer time to treat. The diet is also very important to vitiligo patients during their treatment period. Proper diet have assistant effect in the treatment process. So what foods are not good for vitiligo patients? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction for you.

1. Foods rich in vitamin C. The vitamin C can influence the synthesis of melanin pigment from many ways, it can induce vitiligo. So vitiligo patients in their daily life should pay special attention to this point. The fruits such as kiwifruits, oranges, citrus, strawberries, cherries, lemons and so, the vegetables like tomatoes, green chilies, white turnips, coriander and so on rich in vitamin C, vitiligo patients should eat less these kind of foods.

2. Vitiligo patients should avoid eating spicy, stimulating, acid foods. The spicy foods can stimulate the skin make the skin have allergic reaction. The peppers, garlic, shrimps, mutton, dog meat and so on should avoid eating, avoid wines and cigarettes, avoid stay up too late. Try to avoid eating seafood.

What foods good for vitiligo patients?

1. The main symptoms of vitiligo patients are the white spots in their skin, so vitiligo patients should eat more foods good for the formation of melanin pigment, these foods food for the color restoration. Such as walnuts, peanuts, lean meat, black sesame, black soya beans and so on all good for the recovery of their disease.

2. Eat more foods rich in tyrosinase and mineral substances are good for the recovery of vitiligo, so vitiligo patients can eat more foods rich in these substances such as beef, animal livers, eggs, milk, fresh vegetables, radishes, edible fungus, soy beans, peanuts, raisins and so on.

What they need to pay attention to in their daily life?

1. Keep optimistic emotion. The emotions of us is closely related with the health of ours. The vitiligo patients should pay attention to the cultivation of their mental qualities, learn to adjust their abnormal emotions, release their negative emotions and pressures. The patients can talk with others about their feelings to release their mental pressures, they also can cultivate their hobbies to distract their attentions.


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