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The Blood Causes And Detox Treatments For Psoriasis

The Blood Causes And Detox Treatments For Psoriasis,PsoriasisWhat are the causes of psoriasis

There are many aspects of causes of psoriasis, and normally it is treated as a immune disorder. The people with psoriasis with a strong immune system that overact to the invaders like virus that can cause some diseases. But the self immune system and immune cells attack the invaders, and some of the self-cells or tissues share the same feature with invaders, then the immune cell can’t recognize the self-tissue and cells, so them also get attacked. So the immune system is a disorder. The metabolism also disorder.

The symptom show on skin is the itching, dry and scaly condition. But the real cause is that underneath skin causes. The ancient doctors without the immune disorder opinion. They think the symptoms show on skin, the causes are in blood, while the root is in the internal organs.

So we should never treat the skin symptoms only. We should remove the real causes, then the symptoms can disappear by itself. That time, there is no anti-immune and anti-inflammation medication.

But the medicine is prevent the recurrence. That is to treat blood toxin. The doctor treat the blood inflammatory factors. And all the protein and inflammatory factors that exist in blood are treated as the blood toxin. If we can remove the blood toxin, the symptoms will disappear. If we can prevent the production of blood toxin, the we can effectively get rid of it.

So the detox is widely used in China. In India, there is also the detox treatments. That can a long term and safe treatments compared to the hormone medicine and creams. The hormone medicine that will show the side effects when you stop using them. So we should avoid the side effect in the same time.

The detox and herb medication is treated as positive treatments and medication. If we want a further consultation, you can send your problem to although the symptoms may show similar. But the the physical condition is different. So we should treat from the different type and stage.


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