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The Causes And Triggers Of Psoriatic Repeated Episode Feature

The Causes And Triggers Of Psoriatic Repeated Episode Feature,PsoriasisThere are many features of psoriasis. The bothering one is the repeated episode feature. The itching and scaly skin occur again and again, especially in winter.

So the weather of winter can be a trigger of psoriasis. How about the winter’s weather? Normally the winter is cold and dry that can cause the skin more itching and dry.

Psoriasis is easy to occur again for many causes. If you get injury or accident the normal skin can also occur psoriasis condition. So in the dry and clod weather there are many recurrence cases in skin disease hospital. So we advice the patients eat more fruits and green-leafy vegetables. And do more sports to increase the immune system.

And obesity is not the cause of psoriasis, but most of the psoriasis patients are fat. So we should do sport and practice even in winter. The obesity is not good for psoriasis as well as the other kind of diseases.

The skin is strongly itching, and the patients can’t get rid of it. So they scratch skin with nails. We should avoid scratching and cut the long nails. If pressure is not good for psoriasis, there are many clinic cases that they suffer great pressure, then the psoriasis get worse. The psoriasis patients with a easy emotion, the condition should also get improved greatly than the patients who suffered a lot pressure.

Keep a easy emotion, and you can also pay attention to the life style. The psoriasis patients should pay more attention when they eat or drink. So you should get rid of alcohol, milk, and coffee. The more vegetables and fruits are good than the oil foods and meat. So we can eat less beef, mutton and chicken. The egg is also not good for psoriasis patients.

If you still have any problems about psoriasis, you can send to or you can also consult our online doctor for help.The symptoms of psoriasis may show same, but the physical condition is not same, the causes of different patients also various.


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