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Why It Is You Get Psoriasis

Why It Is You Get Psoriasis,PsoriasisAlthough psoriasis has been a common skin disease, but there is still the concrete causes that why only you get psoriasis. Some people live the same condition, but only get psoriasis.

That is because the people with different physical condition. And some of the patients with psoriasis with a family heredity tendency. The make-up products and creams may be allergic to your skin. Normally psoriasis patients with a sensitive skin. Some of the patients have a over exposure in the sun, the skin get hurt from the sun. Or there is a car accident or injury form sports all can increase the risk to get psoriasis.

If you intake some medicine that can also stimulate skin to show red and itching condition, then it can develop into psoriasis. In modern medical theory, it is a auto-immune disorder. The normal skin formation need 28 days, but the disorder of skin patients only take 3-7 days to form a new layer of skin. In so short time period, the skin cells are not mature compared to the normal 28 days’ skin. So the not mature skin cells pilled up on the skin surface.

The patients can see the scales and the skin is itching. When the immune system disorder, the patients immune system protect the body and attack the invaders, and in the same time the immune cells also attack the self-tissue and cells. So it is called immune disorder, which is the self-immune system overact to our body own.

So the immune problem is also a common condition for most the psoriasis cases. And you may have a low immune system, or you catch a cold then the immune system is weak, and the skin infection then develop into psoriasis. This case is common in child and this type of psoriasis is normally the guttate psoriasis. The symptom shows as water drop size.

If you don’t like sports, you can make some changes. You can increase you immune system. The vitamin, protein and water supplement are important for you. That may not the causes why you suffer psoriasis, but you eat more foods rich of that elements. The psoriasis will also get improved greatly.

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