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The Pregnant with Psoriasis

The Pregnant with Psoriasis,PsoriasisIf the pregnant gets psoriasis, how should she do? It is a hot topic among the pregnant ladies. They are afraid of passing the disease to their children. There are many prevention for psoriasis patients. So the prevention for the pregnant women are far more that the normal psoriasis patients.

One of the feature in pregnant stage of psoriasis is that the skin lesions in pregnant stage are improved greatly even disappear. After she give a birth of his baby, the skin lesions will reoccur. So some of the pregnant women think once the skin lesions disappear, the disease will not be passed to the next generation, actually, its a mistake. Psoriasis is a polygenic inheritance disease, that is, the causes of psoriasis is influenced by the environment as well as the genes. The next generation may get the disease, but it isn’t a absolute answer. If only one side of the patients has the disease, the child has a little chance to get psoriasis.

In pregnant stage, there are some kinds of medicines are forbidden, and a long time after the pregnant stage there are still many issues the pregnant woman should pay attention to. The gene factor will not change with skin lesions, so to control the skin lesions with medicine and have a baby which is not advisable.

The pregnant ladies should keep a easy mood, adopt proper treatments and treat the disease with a optimistic attitude, which is the best preparation for the birth of a baby.

Three months later the new birth, it is the reoccurrence stage of psoriasis, if it is in summer or winter, they should keep a pleasure mood and enough sleep and prevent catching a cold.

These the factors the pregnant women should pay attention to, if you still have any problem, you can consult the online doctors. We are also hope we can make a favor for you!


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