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Psoriatic TCM Root Causes And Symptoms

Psoriatic TCM Root Causes And Symptoms,PsoriasisThere are many psoriasis causes, but now we know about the causes in Ancient Chinese treatments.

The symptoms of rashes, silvery scales even inflammatory condition on joints areas. The psoriasis symptoms show the symptoms on skin surface, but we can use some medicine and creams to remove the scales and stop the itching and dry skin, but all effects are short time.

So in our opinion with Chinese treatments, the real cause is in blood and the root is in internal organs. The internal organs disorder, there will occur many inflammatory factors that is called blood toxin that can cause the skin lesions occur again and again.

The ancient Chinese through watch, smell, ask, touch five steps to diagnose patients physical condition as well as the real cause. And we think the real causes are underneath skin. Different organs disorder will show different symptoms. The heart, liver, lung and kidney all have the risk to get problems and the different organs show the different sighs and conditions.

So the Chinese doctor with rich experiences will from the different sighs and smells to make a diagnosis. And the medicine is to adjust your body and rebuilt your body immune system. And the common treatments are acupuncture, cupping and five elements medical bath.

Based on the causes underneath skin, the treatments will also treat from the real causes. So the treatments will remove blood toxin, adjust immune system and adjust the internal organs’ functions as well as rebuilt the immune system.

When we have a strong immune system and that can fight with disease and the disease of psoriasis also will disappear.

The most common symptoms of psoriasis are itching skin with scales and the skin is dry. From the diets therapy, we can eat more foods that are rich vitamins, proteins and water. The vegetables and fruits juice will be good for you.

And the medicine of Chinese herb that all are from natural medical plants and animals. So some of the medicine itself is the foods but in the treatment with medical effects.

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