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The Cause of Psoriasis on the Scalp

The psoriasis occurs on the patients scalp, the type of psoriasis is common and which can last decades years. And it can spread to the other areas. Some of the patients have good lifestyle and the condition in well controlled, so that the symptoms of scalp psoriasis only appears on scalp.

Itching and dry scalp skin is quit common, and the white plaques show on scalp then the hair may lose. Then we should know about the causes and triggers that can worsen the scalp psoriasis, then we can pay attention to such aspects.

Immune system and metabolism disorder

The psoriasis is a auto-immune disorder, the metabolism disorder, then the normal physical rules are broken, then the formations time of scalp surface skin cells is shorted into 3-7 days from 28 days normally. So the process need too much protein, water and vitamins and the other types of nutrition. So we need have a rich and scientific diets lifestyle to supplement the necessary nutrition intake.


Pressure is the most common cause of psoriasis. And some of the patients with psoriasis without any signs and symptoms of psoriasis family history, but they also can get psoriasis. The pressure from work and life and the irregular lifestyle for modern people, then the risk of psoriasis is increased greatly in recent times.


The symptoms show on scalp, the patients may used some shampoo that can stimulate scalp and the itching and dry skin turn worse. We can use some of the types of shampoos from specialist dermatology hospital which has the shampoo for scalp psoriasis. And some of us want a new haircut, we use too much chemical products and facility to work on your hair, especially the female patients. Actually, we should use less that products and equipment.

Injury and infection

We should take care of the injury on scalp and avoid the infection of scalp skin. Some insects bite you that may also have the risk to develop scalp psoriasis. Something small are really worthless to take care in our daily life, while once we get psoriasis that small things can cause you a chronic pain and sorrow in your work and life.

The symptoms are familiar for most psoriasis patients, but the different patients with different condition and symptoms, so we should get treatments base your own condition. If you still have any problems, you can send to or you can also consult our online doctors for a professional solution.


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