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The Relation Of Psoriasis And Injury

The Relation Of Psoriasis And Injury,PsoriasisThere are many causes of psoriasis that can lead the onset of your psoriasis. Some of the patients get injury from car accident, then there show the symptoms on the injury areas.

So that we can know that injury is a cause of psoriasis, and when you have already suffered from psoriasis, you should avoid the further injury. And you should avoid scratching your skin even the skin is too itching. The psoriasis skin is itching, sensitive, sometime is also pain and burning.

To ease such condition, you can take daily bath and use some products to keep moist from the dry skin. But the products are used directly to touch your skin, so we should choose carefully to avoid the chemical substances stimulating your skin to get more worse.

But we do need take more sports to increase your immune system. The psoriasis patients usually are obese with low immune system. Obesity and low immune system show relative relation with the onset of psoriasis, and they can also worsen your skin lesions. Besides the treatments, the sport is the best solution to resolve the two problems. But you should avoid injury,  the skin is sensitive then the injury areas skin will also get psoriasis.

But in the process of sports, you will sweat and some of the products of metabolism and secretion will also be exhausted. And avoid the injury of your sensitive skin. So the clothing you should choose the cotton type, which is soft and avoid the stimulation to your skin. And the clothing touch your skin directly should be soft and don’t use too much laundry detergent that contain much chemical substances to wash your clothing.

The symptoms show on skin, but the real causes are underneath yours skin. If we want a long term effects to treat the disease, we need to adjust your immune system. And the symptoms are easy to remove, but to treat your psoriasis from the cause to remove the skin lesions is far more enough. We need a 360 degree treatments to remove the inflammatory factors. If you want a comprehensive and professional solution you can consult our online doctor or send your problems to, we can give you a professional solution. And we are a professional skin disease hospital, only treat skin disease and all kinds of skin disease.


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