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The Relation Of Psoriasis And Immune System

The Relation Of Psoriasis And Immune System,PsoriasisMost of the psoriasis patients have a low immune system, and the psoriasis is a auto-immune disease, the immune is overactive than the normal people.

If you want to fully understand your psoriasis, you need to see what’s happening underneath your skin.

The symptoms appear on the surface of your skin, what you have seen is only part of the system.

With the normal skin, your body needs about 28 - 30 days to produce new skin cells and shed the old cells.

When you have plaque psoriasis, the immune system is overactive, causing skin inflammation and leading skin cells to be produced faster than normal cells. And new skin cells are pushed to the skin's surface within 3 to 4 days instead of the usual 28 to 30 days.

So there are some anti-immune medicine to stop the overactive condition, and the effects are good, but it is only short time effect. Once you stop using the medicine, the side effects will let the condition get more worse than before.

Psoriasis as a skin condition, while psoriasis actually starts underneath your skin, which is a chronic disease, the immune system can range from mild to severe. Psoriasis can be associated with other conditions such as type 2 diabetes, psoriatic arthritis, and cardiovascular condition.

So the symptoms show on skin, and normally we treat the skin lesions, but which is not the cause of the psoriasis. Just like a treat, we can see the leaves but we can’t see the root. The root rotten, we can’t see that, but we can see the leaves changes.

Most of us psoriasis patients use the treatments on the surface of skin, it is simple and with obvious effect, but the real cause still exist in your body that is the risk the psoriasis will occur again.

Hope we psoriasis patients can choose a safe and comprehensive treatments to treat from the cause and adjust your immune system. The disease is hard to be cured, but it is possible to be cured. And take professional treatment and pay enough attention to the triggers that can cause the disease get worse or occur again, then there is good recovery cases.If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor or send your problems to, hope we can help you.


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