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Weather Influence On Psoriasis Development

Weather Influence On Psoriasis Development,PsoriasisThere are many causes and triggers for psoriasis, and is weather a cause that can promote the psoriasis development. And the weather do have a influence on the development of psoriasis.

In the north area of China, the weather is cold and dry compared to the south. The rate of psoriasis attack is higher than the south places. And if we are the psoriasis patients for years, we should know that the winter weather will lead your psoriasis get worse obviously than summer. That is because the winter is clod and dry.

And the winter is cold, the patients exercise less than normal, so the immune system is low relatively. And the psoriasis usually will lead the patients be obese, that is not because of the disease actually, the medicine and the less sports will cause you turn fat. Obesity is not good for psoriasis patients, it will promote the psoriasis development as well as increase the other types of disease.

The living environment should keep fresh air in your room and dry relatively. The working environment should choose the safe condition, the chemical materials will stimulate the skin. So you should avoid the direct touch to the materials that can stimulate your skin.

Now we know that the weather, living and study environment will have influences on the development of psoriasis. So we should take care in the winter. But the disease is not influenced by only one cause, then we need to pay attention to the weather is a aspect. The other aspects like diets and sports and so on, we also need take care.

The disease is easy to reoccur and spread to the other areas. The most severe aspect is the disease with a heredity feature. But it is not to say the kid will definitely also get the disease, but the risk is bigger than the other people. So if there is a family history of psoriasis, we should have a comprehensive test and pay attention of the psoriasis triggers early.

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