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Why Your Psoriasis Reoccurs Again

Why Your Psoriasis Reoccurs Again,PsoriasisPsoriasis is a chronic skin disorder which show the skin lesions on skin of any parts of your body. The recurrence of the disease is a troublesome problem that most psoriasis patients must face. And now we should know about the causes why your psoriasis occur again and again.

Allergic causes

Psoriasis patients can company with allergic cause which can trigger recurrence. Therefor, you should take enough attention to the diets and medication. And if it is caused by some foods and medicine, you should figure out the allergen. And you know that the same thing that can be the allergen for you, but it maybe not the allergen for the others. So the psoriasis reoccurs for you eat something wrongly. The skin shows red, itching and skin lesions, you can figure out your allergen, then you can decrease your risk of recurrence.

Weather change

Cold weather is not good for you and it is common that cause recurrence of the disease, especially the face. So we should do good face protective works in winter. The living environment condition should keep fresh air flow, dry and warm, because the wet and cold weather can worsen and trigger the psoriasis condition.

Psychological triggers

There are many triggers of psoriasis, psychological trigger is the most common one. Some patients have self-esteem, anxiety, fear, suspicion, irritability and other personality, they also suffer from excessive fatigue, stay up too late, which can cause psychological reaction. So it leads to endocrine disorders, low immune function, causing the development of psoriasis.

It is hard to be cured, so we should pay attention to the daily life. And we know that there are many treatments and medicines for psoriasis, but not all the medicine are suit for your own condition. The different patients may show the similar symptoms, but condition and causes are different. So we advice the doctors make a system test to make sure what’s your condition and causes, then give the right treatments.

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