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Can Psoriatic Arthritis Patients Have Baby

Can Psoriatic Arthritis Patients Have Baby,PsoriasisWe know that psoriasis has the heredity feature, especially the psoriatic arthritis disease. And there is the obvious feature of heredity in skin disorder in family, then the parent are afraid that their kid will also have the same condition. And wonder if they can have a healthy baby.

If you have psoriasis, then your child will have higher risk to suffer from psoriasis, but you don’t afraid that your kid will definitely get psoriasis. Despite there is the presence of genetic factor of psoriasis, but psoriasis is not an absolute genetic skin disease.

And now we know about the causes that you will get psoriasis, and we know that pressure, injury, infection, immune disorder, environment and gene all can cause psoriasis. And normally you get the disease is influenced by all the factors together. So it is decided by gene totally. And we parent have psoriasis, then we can still have child, but there are many things we should take care.

If you are the father who suffers from psoriasis, so we should let the psoriasis condition in well controlled. If you are the mother, there are some medicine you should pay attention and avoid bad effects on the baby.

And there are many cases, when the lady in pregnancy, the scales disappear totally, which is related the metabolism of hormones. But it doesn’t means that the disease is cured. And the disease normally will occur again. And some patients even get worse, and the others don’t have any changes.

But the psoriatic arthritis is a rare and severe type of psoriasis, so it can occur the psoriasis symptoms firstly, then the arthritis symptoms will also show later.

So the we would better have a whole test for the kid, and avoid the unhealthy life habits. To keep skin moist and avoid injury and infection. The kid develops psoriasis normally starts from a cold then show the infection symptoms. Eat more fruits and vegetables to get rid of obesity.

The kid should get rid of obesity, cold ,injury and infection on skin to decrease the risk to get the psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. If you still have the relative problems, you can send to or you can talk with our online doctors about your condition and the problems you want to know about.


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