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Why Your Psoriasis Can’t Be Cure For Long Time

Why Your Psoriasis Can’t Be Cure For Long Time,PsoriasisThe psoriasis is a chronic skin disease and it can occur again and again. That can last for couple years even decades years. It is a long term disease, and why it can last so long time and can’t be cured.

And in many hospitals, the disease is treated as a can’t cured disease just can be controlled in short time. But in the long term perspective to sea, the condition is get worse.

And now we talk about what kinds of treatments and medicine you used. Normally are some cream, and hormone medicine and some drugs to function on the immune system. In reality, there are many drugs only for the severe condition psoriasis patients, and if the patients get the medicine without the advice of the doctors, their condition can get better in short time, but later the condition will get worse than before. So the western medicine is for the emergency condition.

Every disease has the disease cause, and we figured out the in the patients blood there are the inflammatory factors that can cause the disease occur and again. But normally we only treat the skin lesions with cream, ointment and so on. As the blood inflammatory factors exist in your blood, there are the risks the disease will occur later.

So we advice the patients to treat from the blood cause, and to take the herb medicine instead of the cream and pills. The symptoms show on the skin, but the causes are in blood. We need to remove the blood toxin to decrease the risk to reoccur. On the other hand, the psoriasis is the skin, we can treat the skin disorder, we also need adjust our body and increase our immune system to fight with psoriasis.

And your psoriasis can’t be cured for long time, which is related what kind of treatment you used, on the other aspect, it also related with the daily triggers of the psoriasis. And there are many prevention for psoriasis skin disease. Only you get a effective treatments from the cause and pay enough attention to the triggers. The psoriasis has the change get recovery and without recurrence for years.

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