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Psoriasis Patients's Immune Disorder

Psoriasis Patients's Immune Disorder ,PsoriasisThe psoriasis is a skin problem show on your skin, and mostly the patients have a low immune system. And it is considered psoriasis is a auto-immune system disorder, the immune system can’t find out the self tissues but attack them together with the invaders from the outside. So there are some medicines to treat the or stop the process, and it can show the obvious effects.

But we also find that to stop such attucks can only last a short period of time. So the drugs from the immune system can’t treat psoriasis from the cause. Only we find the causes, the treatments should be more obvious and fast effects.

There are many causes for psoriasis, the immune is only a aspect. From this aspect, you normally have a low immune system, and you may stop or don’t sports. So you can have proper sports to increase your immune, in the process of sports, sweating is good for you.

If you have a low immune system, and you get a cold, injury or infection, your skin lesions will get worse obviously.

The prevention of infection is significant, local infection is an important cause of psoriasis, especially after you catch a cold and complicate a tonsillitis and bronchitis. You need timely treatment, try to shorten the psoriasis course. For the repeated tonsil inflammation, and your family have the psoriasis history, you can consider tonsillectomy especially for young people.

The life pressure, psychological stress cause emotional instability, and you don’t have proper diets and rests, your immune system also will be low, then you are easy to catch a cold, so it is a risk to let the condition get worse. The former skin lesions can spread to the other areas.

You should know about more of the psoriasis causes, the immune system is only one aspect. There are many other factors, such as gene, injury, infection, weather and the environment. So we can also find the problems from the other aspects, even the foods and drugs you are taking that may also be a cause your psoriasis will get worse. The drugs you should have the doctor’s advice. Your friends may introduce you some good treatments to ease your condition.

But different people with different condition, so the same treatments doesn’t suit for all the patients, you should find out your own causes. You can consult our online doctor or just send your question to, and we will give you a professional solution in 24 hours.


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