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Winter Psoriasis Will Get Worse

Winter Psoriasis Will Get Worse,PsoriasisAccording to the weather changes, the incidence of psoriasis disease is also different, generally in winter patients with psoriasis disease will increase. So for winter psoriasis care, which is particularly important. But why weather changes would worsen psoriasis? It is only because the weather is cold then the skin will get worse condition. And some of the patients don’t have such condition and don’t know about such condition at all.

Psoriasis is a recurrent skin problem in patients with a dry scaly skin causing patients discomfort sense, bringing great pains to the patients. However, the causes of medical research are not yet clear, but the psoriasis incidence is really high in the winter. So it is considered that psoriasis patients at the time with a high onset in winter.

The patients need to pay more attention in winter, because the cold weather led to the occurrence is relatively a large number of psoriasis. Cold weather is easy to catch cold, and lack of exercise, you may have a physical weakness which can worsen your condition, therefore, the patients should try to take steps to avoid these conditions, avoid cold condition to irritate the skin, and in the same time you should keep dry and ventilated in your living room.

Winter weather is cold, so that people’s exercise become less that reduced immunity. Most of the people do not want to exercise, outdoor sports will be reduced, combined with the reduction of indoor air circulation, air is dry, which can easily lead to skin problems. In winter, sweating is less which is prone to clogging of skin pores. If the bath times are also less that cam let harmful substances can not be eliminated from your body, resulting increase of disease recurrence risk. And some patients with psoriasis like to drink wine or eat spicy foods to keep warm, these are of irritated foods, if the patient is sensitive skin, which will cause disease recurrence.

Psoriasis patients should get treatment timely, you can also assist sports. Do not stop sports just because of the cold winter, the movement can also make a favor for your psoriasis.

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