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What’s Your Scalp Psoriasis Cause

What’s Your Scalp Psoriasis Cause,PsoriasisIf your psoriasis is on your scalp, there are many symptoms of the psoriasis and the hair condition. But diffenrent patients have different condition and the causes should not be totally same. So some of the patients take the same treatments and medicine no big changes, while the others have obvious effects.

Now we know about the casuse of the scalp psoriasis

The morden life with fast speed, the work and life pressure can also lead the hair loss. So some of the patients without psoriasis, they also have the hair loss condition, which is common. But the pressure do be a cause of psoriasis as well as it can worsen your scalp psoriasis.

Genetic trigger of scalp psoriasis

Many psoriasis patients whith a familial history of this disease, and some of the family with a clear genetic predisposition. Genetic trigger incidence are different for diffenent people. The psoriasis is a trggered by gene and environmental conditions.


From the immune system aspect, many experts make the immune system, cellular immunity and bacterial tests, and they combined clinic study found that the incidence of streptococcal infection can affect and change the development of psoriasis. If patients are infected with Staphylococcus aureus, which can make lesions worse. Psoriasis is also related to fungal and viral infections.

In many surveies, we found that psoriasis actually belong to immune-mediated inflammatory skin disease in which the inflammatory cell infiltration and inflammatory factors are likely to cause psoriasis.


There are many patients who got scalp psoriasis is caused by the drugs they used before. The medicine should have the doctor’s advice.


The disease can also be caused by the work or study weather, if it is too wet, too dry or too clod, there is a risk to get psoriasis. The winter weather usually lead your scalp psoriasis get worse. And if your work places with too much chemical irritation, you also have the risk. Not all the peopel in the same work environment will get psoriasis, but if you have got scalp psoriasis, the work environment may be the cause of your scalp posiasis. So in the daily work, you should protect your skin, avoid touching directly to some of the chemical or other stimulated materials.

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