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What are the Causes of Psoriasis in the View of TCM

Causes of Psoriasis, PsoriasisTraditional Chinese medicine takes the human body as a whole. So doctors should diagnose disease with a systematical view. From the step to analyze the etiology and pathogenesis to the step of diagnosis and treatment, it should be with reason from the inside to the outside with a systematic and complete theory to treat psoriasis medicine.

In fact, Traditional Chinese medicine has been recognized of psoriasis long time ago. A thousand years ago psoriasis is described as "sunpixuan", “ganxuan”,"baiqi" and so on in medical books. In recent years, many Chinese scholars around the country have studies psoriasis, and they believe that blood heat is an important etiology of this disease.

When patients feel the wind, chill, wet, hot, dry, fire of outside world, and the instable emotion, diet factors, then the local skin’s immune complex deposition appears immune-mediate reaction, which is similar to the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s blood heat. When there is blood heat, which causes local skin lesions, it is the disease psoriasis.

In one word, the Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the cause of psoriasis include two aspects, the external factors and internal factors. The internal factors are emotional instability, improper diet, and the congenital physical weakness, inadequate nutrition especially in the liver and the kidney. In the outside, wind, chill, wet, hot , cold, warm, dry and other external factors invade the skin. These two aspects factors’ interaction, leading the disorder of the air in body and blood ,the skin loses its nutrients.



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