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Psoriatic Arthritis: The Causes And Infection

Psoriatic Arthritis: The Causes And Infection,PsoriasisPsoriatic arthritis is an inflammatory joints disease, and the psoriasis rashes associated with joint and joints surrounding areas soft pain, swelling, tenderness, stiffness, even movement disorders. Some patients can have sacroiliitis and spondylitis, then the psoriasis disease course is prolonged and easy to relapse.

Gene cause

Psoriatic arthritis is often with familial aggregation symptom, which is autosomal dominant disease with incomplete penetrance, while some people also treat it a autosomal recessive .


(1) Virus infection is associated with psoriasis, then some people get a viral infection antiviral therapy, the psoriatic arthritis disease also can be eased.

(2) Streptococcal infection. As reported, approximately about 6% of patients with a history of throat infection or upper respiratory tract condition.

(3) Endocrine dysfunction. The psoriasis and endocrine function have relationship, which has attracted attention.

(4) The neuropsychiatric disorders. It is reported psoriatic arthritis often is related topsychological factors, such as a trauma can cause the onset or make it worse, and it is considered that this is caused by the vasomotor nerves tension increased after mental stimulation.

(5) Other conditions. In winter, the majority of patients will relapse, while in summer, the skin lesions get remission or spontaneous regression, but the patients suffered for years, the seasonal regularity will disappear. And some women psoriasis patients, the condition get worse before or after menstruation. The pregnancy stage, rash subsided while after childbirth it will relapse.

Most of the patients show a slow onset, but about one-third of patients show a acute onset with a whole body fever and other symptoms. Before the onset, there s usually are no obvious incentives, a few of the patients may be relevant a history of joints problem, and then show the emergence of local psoriatic arthritis.

The joints can be influenced by the disease, and some of the patients can have the the skin problems as well as the joints problem. Some of them even can’t move.

If you have suffered the disease for many years, the joints may have show the joints deformation, and the arthritis also is obvious. The cream, pills and injection and so on, you may have tired. But the condition didn’t get improved. It is only a temporary effect. The treatments can’t last a long time, it is not a effective treatment for you. The medicine and cream only on the skin is not treat from the cause. So we advice you to treat from the internal side to the external side.

The psoriatic psoriasis may influence you a lot, if you want a further knowledge of psoriasis or the new treatments and medicine, you can consult our online doctor or send you question to email, we can give you a professional solution and help you.


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