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Why Your Psoriasis Get Worse To Smoke And Drink Alcohol

Why Your Psoriasis Get Worse To Smoke And Drink Alcohol,PsoriasisWhat psoriasis patients can’t eat? In daily life, the most common type of psoriasis is psoriasis vulgaris. The impact for people's daily life is very serious, but not all the psoriasis patients sense psoriasis. And most psoriasis can get worse after they smoke and take alcohol.

Compared with the other types of psoriasis, the treatments fof psoriasis vulgaris is easy. First, we should know that patients with psoriasis should pay attention to diets to avoid fish, seafood, alcohol, spicy foods and beef and mutton. On the other side, the experts recommend that patients can eat some fresh fruit and vegetables for psoriasis is very beneficial. But why you should avoid smoking and alcohol.


No smoking, because smoking can irritate respiratory, digestive and other organs. Smokers’ leukocyte chemotaxis are significantly higher, leukocyte chemotaxis and activation abnormalities, infection-induced rash get worse. Smoking is very bad for psoriasis. Medication side effects after drinking alcohol will increase, then it may react with medicine and produce toxic substances. Among those patients who smoke, their skin is prone to become redness, swelling, and changes of elasticity. Compared with the non-smokers, smokers’ risk of psoriasis increased by 78%.

From the scientific view, it is not in favor of drinking. Many reports and doctors believe that alcohol can stimulate or exacerbate psoriasis condition. On one hand, alcohol is liquor, it can dilate blood vessels. Increasing vascular permeability, it is easy for neutrophil conducive to swim out from skin cells. On the other hand, drinking spilled arachidonic acid levels increase. In short, patients with psoriasis take less or stop it is good for your psoriasis and recovery.

The other aspect of smoking, which has influence on the immune system. We can see that smokers’ peripheral blood leukocyte count increase, serum lgG, eosinophils increase , allergic skin reactions reduce, immune responses to inhaled antigen is weakened, which all play a role in psoriasis trigger or immune disorders. Therefore, the patients with psoriasis are not promote smoking.

In order to prevent the psoriasis recurrent condition, the patients should pay attention to seasonal changes to avoid colds, pharyngitis, tonsillitis. The attention to rest should take care and adhere to exercise.

The different patients with different immune system and the condition is also different. Once you still want to know about the the diet of psoriasis, you can send your question to, or you can just consult our online doctor to ask for help.


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