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Will Variation Of White Cells Cause Psoriasis

Will Variation Of White Cells Cause Psoriasis As we all known that psoriasis is actually a hardly curable skin diseases, and the location of the patient's disease is often accompanied by couple of thick silver white scales. Meanwhile, It was found that the variation of white blood cells was related to the pathogenesis of psoriasis. According to the scientific research of blood changes from psoriasis patients and the pathogenesis of psoriasis, it is proved that the variation of the white blood cells in the patients blood is one of the deadly reasons which cause the occurrence of psoriasis.

When it comes to reason of this question ,Why does white blood cell mutation cause psoriasis? the psoriasis experts said: there is a close connection between psoriasis and the immune system disorders, metabolic disorders, and so on. The direct cause of psoriasis is the skin cell division, that is, the white blood cells which in psoriasis patients blood got variation before the mutation, the variation cells will release a variety of proteins, to promote the abnormal skin cells. Abnormal division of the cell makes the skin appear the symptoms of psoriasis.

In addition, the white blood cell mutation can cause psoriasis. But as long as we do pay enough attention on our daily precautions, patients can easily avoid this situation.


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