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The Immune System And Infection Influences On Psoriasis

The Immune System And Infection Influences On Psoriasis,PsoriasisImmune reaction refers to a protection of human immune system to remove the invader. It is the normal function of human body, so most time we have a health condition the immune system on its duty.

Once the immune system disorder, the capability to resist disease is weak. The different people has different resistance capability, and we can strengthen the capability. So some patients can get recover soon and the other need take medication or treatments.

The psoriasis disease is a autoimmune system disorder, so the capability is weak. And psoriasis patients’ immune system fight against its own tissue and cells as the enemy. So it attack ourselves.

Usually the psoriasis has a weak immune system, and injury or infection occur to the patients, the condition of psoriasis may be triggered or worsened. The normal infection is a Streptococcus infection. Different from the other disease, psoriasis is not caused by the damage of bacteria directly, it is cause by the bacteria infection through immune system.

The bacteria invade to human body, immune system secret some immune cells to resist the bacteria, but which has some sing of self-cells, so when the immune cells deal with the invaders, they also attack the self-tissue.

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