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Psoriasis Trigger: Local Skin Injury

Psoriasis Trigger: Local Skin Injury,PsoriasisThe local injury and trauma can lead the new skin lesions occur, especially the psoriasis patients have lesions, which is called Koebner phenomenon or isomorphic response.

About 50% of the psoriasis patients experience Koebner phenomenon, that is the injury to the healthy skin, then there occur the psoriasis mew skin lesions. So the patients shouldn’t scratch the skin even you fell the strong feeling of itching. It may cause worse skin lesions.

The injury can be divided into physical cuts, chemical burns, mechanical rubbing, allergic contact dermatitis and so on.

The normal period is 7-14 days there will occur new skin lesions after you get injury. And the surgical wounds, sunburn, chickenpox cars and vaccination ulcers even the skin eruption can also cause psoriasis.

There are no absolute opinion the injury will cause psoriasis, but it can be a trigger of the it and the psoriasis patients get further step injury on the skin or healthy skin, the condition may get worse.

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