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How Does Psoriasis Affect Nails

How Does Psoriasis Affect NailsAs we all known that psoriasis is a long-term autoimmune disease which characterized by abnormal skin patches . These skin patches are usually repreasents red, itchy, and scaly. Meahwhile,it may spread out from small and localized to complete body.

Psoriasis can often develop problems with people’s nails. So the appearence of the psoriatic nails look like fungal infections. General speaking, the appearence of the psoriatic nails look flakier and are softer than fungal infections.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the treatment of psoriatic nails, it is kind of complicated and roughly process. In some cases, the nail need to be removed,and sometimes it need to be cut. but there are also some other treatment like: light therapy, or topical, oral, and even injected steroids. Its effective and obvious.Meanwhile, the new drugs can also help nail and skin problems from psoriasis.

In addition, the nail psoriasis can widely effect peoples entire nails and it can cause several visible changes to your nails as well. So there is a clearly difference between the affected nails and normal nails. However, mostly the white areas appears under the nail when tiny pockets of air are trapped between the nail and the tissue beneath the nail. In some cases, the nails may crumble in patches or fall off entirely. At other times, nail psoriasis looks much liker nail infections, especially like fungal nail infection. For more information about nail psoriasis , pls contact our expert and dail our hotline.


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