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Psoriasis Influences: Emotion And Environment

Psoriasis Influences: Emotion And Environment,PsoriasisThere are many influences of psoriasis which can trigger and worsen the condition of the disease. Now we talk about the condition from emotion as well as environment aspects.


The recent medical researches show that, the long time’s pressure patients has a obvious increase of cortin, Ach and catecholamine which can worsen the skin lesions condition trough many ways. What’s more, the relative researches show that the psoriasis patients who suffers a emotion pressure, the nerve substance p, neuropeptide substance will increase the release. All of such substances can let the macrophages lymphocytes and other IL factors more active to stimulate the skin lesions immune reactions, which irritate the occur of the disease of psoriasis. There are some clinic studies, the emotion condition turn optimistic the better condition will also company with it. The optimistic patients can keep a relative optimistic condition too. The attack time is less, and long time without of recurrence condition.


The attack rate is different of the north with the south place. The north place has a relative high rate of attack rate. The weather of north is dry ,cold with less of rainfall, while the south is relative warm and wet. The weather do has a relative relation with attack rate.

Many patients show the disease condition is related to the weather, for the condition turn better in summer by itself, while the condition worsen of skin lesions in winter. The recent cause of it is that the summer has a relative high tempreture and the sunshine is enough than the winter.

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