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The Gene Factor of Psoriasis

The Gene Factor of Psoriasis Heredity is a main element of psoriasis causes. The clinical cases have shown that has a family occurrence feature, that is heredity. As the Chinese report show this kind of patients take proportion of 10%-23.8%, the foreign is 30%. Some scholar make a study of twin attack rate: the identical twin’s attack rate is 63%, the fraternal twins is 23%, and the identical twin’s attack age and symptoms are similar, which shows the heredity is involved in psoriasis attack. This disease don’t obey Mendel's law of inheritance, it is a polygenic heredity disease controlled by genes as well as the environment. Now the research of psoriasis has reached to the level of molecule and genic factor. In recent years, scientists have fund the susceptibility genes on human chromosome, such as 6p, 17q, 4q, 1q,3q, 19p and 1p, then scientists named them as PSORS1, PSORS2, PSORS3 and so on. But the heredity gene show the feature in the part of the patients, there isn’t a common susceptibility gene for all of the psoriasis patients, which need a further step of research and is a hot topic for the researchers and patients.

For the complexity of heredity, and it is hard to forecast of environment. So in recent stage , it is difficult to predict the attack rate of the children of the psoriasis patients. The people whose family has psoriasis patients should pay attention to the skin health, avoiding the bad irritation of the environment to trigger the disease.

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