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The Immune System Cause for Psoriasis

The Immune System Cause for Psoriasis ,PsoriasisMany years ago, there are some medical experts put forward that psoriasis has a closed relation with immune system. It is a immune disease, for instance, some patients’ condition can be worsen after got a pneumonia or enteritis, their psoriasis get worse. But there isn’t the exist of bacterium. So some of the scholars guess that the infection of bacterium leads a over reaction of human immune system, when it expresses on the skin, the symptoms are psoriasis.

Immune reaction

It is a self safeguard to protect the self organism keep from of the external invaders’ attack. Once this system occur disorder, there may occur disease. In recent years, the basic science developed greatly, the study of psoriasis immune system increases and get many breakthrough. The experts have made detail research of the immune reaction, and partly prove that the inflammation in patients body---immune reaction is over active, the circulated immune cells increases, the secretion of IFN, TNF, IL-1, IL-6 factors increases. The result is the small injury may be enlarged by the immune reaction. When the symptoms show on the surface of skin, that is psoriasis.

Based on the study of immune system, the clinical cases may choose the restrain drugs to treat the disease, for the side effects are obvious, so the usage scope is limited. In recent years, there are some biological drugs target at stopping the immune reaction which leads a new direction of medicine. Those drugs can stop a concrete step of the immune process to curb the occurrence of psoriasis.

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