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Why Psoriasis Has The Feeling of Itching

Psoriasis ItchingThe sense of itching of psoriasis is very common, while it’s mechanism is quiet complex which is related to the feelings of pain, touch, pressure. When a feather touch your skin slightly, or mosquito bit you, you also feel itching, but it is quiet different from each other, especially the time length, degree,and causes. Many kinds of skin diseases all have the different degree sense of itching because the chemical reaction of local skin, and the the nerve terminal feel the different signal. The latest research shows that the release increase of histamine play an important role of the occurrence of the feeling.

The psoriasis patients usually all have the sense, but the degrees are different. The mechanism is that the skin lesions make the skin lose the normal protective screen function, losing lot’s of water, the skin become dry and rough. In the same time, the skin sensibility increases obviously which will occur the sense with a slight stimulation. What’s more, the skin lesions’ inflammation reactions become active, the secretion of cytokines and neural factors increase which are the other causes to produce such feeling. Generally, in the acute stage, with great amount of new rashes’ appearence and heavy inflammation reaction, the feeling is more serious.

For these patients with serious sense of itching, they should notice the daily skin care and avoid scratching. They can also use some external protective drugs on the skin to keep the skin moist. Avoiding the use of external drugs with a high degree of irritation. Once there are some symptoms of allergy or stimulated symptoms, the drugs should be stopped immediately. If the itching is serious or it has influenced the the sleep, you can apply the antihistamine to improve that based on the the treatments drugs.


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