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A Successful Vitiligo Case About A Chinese Girl

vitiligo case in chinaName :mengxue Age:18 History:8 years

Date of admission:2014.7 Type: mibelli-type vitiligo

Mengxue loves dancing.Eight years ago,her knee got hurt and the wound recovered after treatment.But, her scar got vitiligo and spread to the whole body.Her families took her to many hospital once hearing any effective treatment.

For eight years,she has tried traditional Chinese medicine,western medicine,internal and outward medicine and even phototherapy.Her relatives suggest to use home-made medicine.However,no effect and waste lots of money.The vitiligo has spread to 90% of her body.

In July ,2014,her families took her to Beijing CASU Huabei TCM Vitiligo Hospital.Doctor Liu Yuntao used wood light check her body first to judge it was complete or incomplete vitiligo and if there were invisible vitiligo.Finally the doctor confirmed it was development-period vitiligo.Use three dimensional skin rail dynamic scanner to check the quantity of melanin on her vitiligo,which provided accurate basis for treatment.

Synthesizing the multi-ply factors of the patient,Doctor Liu Yuntao made detailed and comprehensive treatment.First,control vitiligo’ development.Then,adopt CASU multidimensional 1+1+1 stereo whitening method .

Doctor Liu Yuntao indicated:Her vitiligo was still developing.First to do is to stop its development and protect the skin.Avoid using excitant external used drug and avoid 308 laser. Vitiligo in development stage ,this excitant treatment will hurt the normal structure of skin and induce the body to generate new vitiligo.

After several day’ treatment in our hospital,she began to generated melanin.After 3 course of treatment,the vitiligo disappeared over 80%.And after continue treatment,it reached recovery in clinic.

Doctor Liu Yuntao reminds:vitilivo patients are eager to see the effect quickly even expect to reach radical treatment.They will use drug blindly,point out drugs,overuse drugs, believe fictitious commitment,excessively believe media’ publicity,search folk prescription and secret prescription,even make drugs by themselves.Besides,relatives persist to use some kind of drug or treatment will disturb the treatment.So,I remind you not use drug blindly,otherwise you will bear the risk of losing your life.


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