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A Successful Recovery Case of Indian Vitiligo Patient

Cure vitiligo on faceAakar Shape, an Indian native people, who works for the embassy in China. He is 42 years old. 3 years ago, he found a very little spot on his face, and the white spot turn bigger gradually. He went to the hospital, and the doctor told him the skin disorder is vitiligo.

He got some cream and tablet, the effect is not good and no improvement at all. He comes to the other hospital for treatments. Finally, one of his Chinese friends introduced him a professional vitiligo hospital named Beijing CASU Vitiligo hospital. And it is interesting that the hospital only treat vitiligo, and he met many vitiligo patients in CASU vitiligo hospital. And he wanted to have a try.

The doctor Liu is a export who has studied vitiligo for 30 years. Based on his experience and the test report, the doctor told him the first thing is to stop expansion. And make a treatment plan for him. He thought this treatment is differently, because it is not only cream, tablets. But it also has some Chinese treatments like the Chinese herb medicine, five element bath therapy, and medical steam therapy.

He got the system of treatments from two aspects. It is to treat the vitiligo white patches, and on the other side, it also adjusts the human body.

He took the treatment one month in CASU vitiligo hospital, and only 7 days, there already are some brown color showed, the melanin sign gave him great confidence. After one month, the face most area has greatly changes.

And after one month treatment, he took 3 months medication. He is a very successful recovery case, and there are still many other cases.

Vitiligo can attack any areas of the patient body, and the speed to show treatment effects are also different. So we advice the patients get a professional treatment based on your own condition. The cream and tablet can be used to any vitiligo patients, but it is not enough. We need adjust the body and increase the immune system to fight with vitiligo.

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