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35-Year Vitiligo Recovery Case

vitiligo patient, vitiligoBaka comes from South Africa, and she had vitiligo for 35 years. She is 46 years old lady. When she is a girl, there show some small white dots on stomach, the condition gradually spread to the other areas. But from the whole aspect, the vitligo is stable.

More than 30 years past, the leg, arm, trunk and other areas also show the white patches. And she used UV light and combined some medical liquid to treat vitiligo. Previously, the condition got greatly improvement, she was very happy about the effects. But finally she found that the new white patches occur again after she stopped the treatments.

Two years ago, the condition was out off control, which spread fast. So she search website to find a safe and long term treatment. She talked about our online doctor for 4 months to know about the treatments, medication and effect. She wanted to have a try. And she didn’t want to improve the symptoms only, but she want to have a treatment from the underneath skin. So she come Beijing, the capital of China.

The doctor and export make a system of tests. And told her, the condition is still in active stage. So we should do 3 steps treatment. Firstly, we should stop expansion. Secondly, we should do the repigmentation therapy. Finally, we need to prevent the reoccurrence.

There is saying, a people suffered long term disease who can also become a doctor. She come China for the traditional Chinese medicine and the detoxin treatments. The treatment is a system treatments combined with traditional Chinese medicine as well as the modern treatments.

She get cream, tablets, Chinese patent medicine, herb medicine, injection, infusion and laser treatments, bath therapy, steam therapy and so on.

The two weeks treatments let the skin turn red. Then she brought 1 month medicine to home. There are some obvious improvements on leg. The boundary of white patch turns brown, and showed the original color of skin. In the center, there also show the pigment island, which is really a good news from her. Many areas turn the original color. But vitiligo is a chronic disease, it takes 3-6 months or 6-12 months to show a totally repigmentation.

Different patients show different condition, and the recovery time also varied. If you still have any problem, you can send your problem to our website, or you can also consult our online doctor for help.


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