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The Detox Treatments To Treat Acute Stage Psoriasis

The Detox Treatments To Treat Acute Stage Psoriasis,PsoriasisZhuang YuanLin, 36 years old who suffered psoriasis for 7 years. The main skin lesion is on leg, but the disease occurred again and again, so the other areas of skin also get the symptoms of psoriasis.

The psoriasis has lased for 7 years, he tried many therapies, the cost was big, but the effects were not that obvious. In short, the disease got worse now. The doctor told he the cause of the disease was pressure. His family was not rich, and he has two son for education. So he work hard and pay the cost for the cost. But unlucky thing was that he was diagnosed as psoriasis. The first years, the condition is not severe, just the skin was red with rashes, he bought some cream. The disappeared and the skin problem was not a big problem in his opinion.

But the times of the attack were more often and the skin lesion areas were more before.

He want to get the professional treatment when his sons finished their education and he didn’t know where have the better treatment for skin disease. The native hospital can only gave some cream or pill to ease the condition.

The disease lased so long time, and now his son had their work, he can get the treatments. A friend also suffered psoriasis introduced Beijing Meidi TCM Skin Disease Hospital.

He also want to get the traditional Chinese medicine and treatments. He went to the hospital, the psoriasis friend introduced the old psoriasis export Jin Zuyu. He also asked the Doctor Jin to give him the treatment. The doctor saw the skin lesions and stopped the used cream and medicine. The cream and hormone medicine had show the side effects on the skin. So to treat the side effect also include the treatment.

Then tests to find out the cause of his, the doctor made a 3 course treatments for him based on his condition. The detox treatments to remove the blood inflammatory factors firstly with the medical facilities, and oral medicine, bath therapy. He fund the treatments are totally different from the used treatment the doctor of his native hospital. The doctor told his the new treatment is called 360 degree removing toxin treatment, it is not the pills and cream, so the effects will have a long term effects. And gave him the herb medicine for one month to prevent the recurrence.

The external symptoms of psoriasis are similar for every patient, actually there are many kinds and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor or send us email to, we can give you a professional solution.


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