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My Mother' vitiligo was Cured and I Have Done My Filial Part

My Mother' vitiligo was Cured and I Have Done My Filial Part,vitiligo"The most beauty of red sunset, warm and calm.” Every old friend wants a happy and easy later stage of the life. But the vitiligo is regardless of the time and the people which troubles the patients even the old age.

The upset caused by vitiligo in mother’s later age

Mother later life because white upset

Mother is 58 years old has a beloved grandson in her warm family. However, 4 years ago, she fund suddenly some white patches on her eyes. She didn’t recognized the importance of it and delayed the treatments time, so the white patches got expansion with the signs on her faces and the forehead.

The occurrence of vitiligo let the family worry about my mother very much. On the streets, the old friends didn’t talk to any more, even the grandson was afraid of her. She always having signs that I also feel uneasy.

Beijing Meidi, the hope of mother’s vitiligo

One day , I was caught by the information of Beijing TCM Skin Disease Hospital in the internet. After the communication with the on line doctor, I accompany my mother go to Beijing for treatments. The doctor Wang admitted us and made a serious diagnosis such as the Germany wood lamp, trace elements, blood test and the other comprehensive tests which was diagnosed as the development stage of generalized vitiligo.

Professional removing white patches of four months, which were basically disappeared

My mother have a high age, the immune function is relatively low and the disease located in the development stage, so the doctor Wang suggested we apply the SOD blood 6 + 1 removing white patches technology to control the disease. With a course of therapy, the vitiligo was obviously controlled. The doctor combined the other two kinds of treatments the traditional Chinese diet treatments as well as the psychological therapy to increase the treatments effects.

After 4 months, the white patches disappeared slowly. With another consolidation therapy, the disease was cured totally. She can enjoy her later years’ life.

[Expert conclusion] the elderly has a low ability of metabolism, and the drug absorption is poor, so long time no effects but we must insist the treatments. On the other hand, in the process of treatments, they should contain a positive attitude mind, shouldn’t have the bad mind for the loss of job or the death of the wife or husband. The doctor should also take the other diseases’ influences into consideration.


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