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The 21-Year-Old Girl Talks About Her 10 Years' Vitiligo History

Vitiligo History, vitiligo

Basic information

Name: Lucy (assumed name)

Gender: male

Age: 21 years old

Native place: Shanxi

Diagnosis expert: Wang Yongsheng

Symptoms: white patches on the waist, the back and the around of mouse

Treatments: SOD blood 6 + 1 remove white patches technology

With more than ten years of white patches, the drug wiped on skin were not effective but got expansion.

When Lucy was 8 or 9 years old, a various of white patches appeared on the feet and waist. The parents took her to hospital was diagnosed as no pigment dot, and they took some medicine without effects. And there wasn’t any other feeling, she didn’t get a next step of treatments which resulted a big area of white patch.

"At the junior high school, there are already many with patches so I must wrapped tightly myself no matter how hot in summer , just leaving the faces outside. At that moment, I was depressed, low self-esteem, even had a mind to die” Lucy said.

Finally, she smiled with the one year’s assistance of Meidi. In 2014, her parents took her to Meidi hospital to accept diagnosis for the white patches have made a big influence on her. The diagnosis of US three-dimensional skin CT examination diagnosed her as vitiligo diseaseThe expert Wang made a detail treatment plan for her with the SOD blood 6 + 1 remove white patches technology

After a year’s treatment, the white patches returned the normal color. What I want talk about is the recovery has a close relation with one’s mind. “I shall grow gradually, to step in the society to earning my life and finding the therapy of vitiligo, especially the SOD blood 6 + 1 removing white patches technology. With the effective treatments with assistance, I spent no money, then my will turned well.”Lucy said.

Lucy told the majority of patients: "Vitiligo is a disease which can be cured, and you needn’t bear burden or in hurry. Insisting treatments together with doctors, you will get recovery.”


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