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White Patches Disappear: I Can Visit My Girlfriend Family

White Patches Disappear,VitiligoI am so happy that my hands’ white patches have been cured, and finally I have the chance to her and her family to make the promise that take care of her whole life. I used to be a patient of vitiligo. She knew my disease, and she not only didn’t break up with me bur encouraged me. I decided that she will be the beloved of my whole life.

No effective treatments but expansion, no inner preparation to girl friend’s family.

In May, I met her father. At that time, the hand has not spread, and I covered them with something. Then I went to a lot big hospitals for treatments without effects, so there appear the expansion of white patches. In the end of the year, I will to visit her mother to discuss the marriage, but her parents did not know the disease, what should I do? If it become a serious skin disease, there isn’t a marriage. Then a colleague told me about Beijing Meidi TCM Skin Hospital. After repeated inquiries and online comparisons, I decided to have a try, so I went to the hospital accompanied by my girlfriend.

Beijing Meidi: accurate diagnosis and symptomatic therapy

Li Dengfang, director of Beijing Meidi TCM Skin Hospital, received and diagnosed me as sporadic vitiligo located in the development stage, through the diagnosis and tests of Wood lamp, trace elements detection, and the United States three-dimensional CT skin analysis. There aren’t a completely loss of melanin of the lesions areas, the mount of trace elements of body is below than the minimum level, with a treatment in time can activate the dormant melanin. And they suggested that I apply SOD blood 6 + 1 removing white patches technology, I agreed without hesitation.

SOD blood 6 + 1 removing white patches technology works within two months’ treatments

I have many feelings to recall the process of treatments. In director Li’s word "the key of vitiligo’s treatment is the diagnosis. No accurate diagnosis, no effective treatments." Identify the cause of the disease, then you can choose the right method and symptomatic treatments. For the early stage vitiligo, SOD blood 6 + 1 removing white patches technology is suitable treatment.


After three months, the white patches has disappeared and I have the confidence to visit my girlfriend’s mother.

[Experts advises]

The hands therapy is different from the facial treatments for the blood circulation in hands is weaker. So we should increase the dose of drug according to the patient's condition. On the other hand, with the high speed of life, a man bears the heavy burden and smoking, drinking, pressure from the outside all cause the occurrence of vitiligo. The male patients should balance the work and rest, avoiding to be over tried.


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